November 19


3 Simple Ways for Anyone to Have More Clarity and Purpose

By Peter Julian

The key to happiness is not always just through income and expenditures. Doug started a business that focuses on three things in order to improve your clarity and purpose. The three things are breathing, gratitude, and meditation. When you are stress, take three slow deep breaths. Use the time of your deep breaths to think of something that you are grateful for. Then, think of meditation as a short easy exercise to do daily. This allows someone to slow down for a bit, and focus on who they want to be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doug Cartwright is a former businessman who became fascinated with spirituality, botanical medicine and related areas of study.
  • By using deep breathing and focusing on what you are grateful for, you can slow down your thinking enough to become much more deliberate and reflective.
  • Spirituality can help connect you to a deeper sense of purpose that will make you feel more driven.

“f you’ve made $1 million dollars the past few years, then make it your goal to make $2 million”

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