July 19


3 Reasons Why Walking Away Can Bring You Greater Success

By Peter Julian

Persistence may be important, but it can also sometimes be counterproductive, depending on the exact situation. Sometimes, being able to walk away from something can give you the time and perspective to see it in a new light. Learning to walk away or at least take a step back can also be a crucial part of processing and dealing with your own negative emotions. Just as importantly, being able to walk away can reinforce in your mind that you deserve better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most elusive goals, like success, require a level of persistence which can act as a dual-edged sword.
  • Though persistence can take you far, possibly across your dream finish line, it can also bog you down in something that is actually the antithesis of living.
  • By walking away, it’s possible to get space that will allow you to really see your process from a distance and see if when viewed against its possible reward if it is truly worth the bog.

“But it can be seriously counterproductive, which very few people will ever tell you.”

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