November 23


20 Habits to Alleviate Stress Before It Starts

By Peter Julian

November 23, 2021

In these modern days of dynamic and fast-changing life, stress is common among general population. The thing about the stress is that there are many things that can lead to stress and it builds up over time until it feels that we cannot do anything about it. The trick is to take action to alleviate this feeling before it gets to be unmanageable. You cannot avoid stress if you are not well rested, so ensure that your sleep is adequate. Practicing meditation and yoga can help you find inner peace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meditation, yoga and pranayama breathing are some of the best ways to combat stress.
  • Dark chocolate and honey are two foods that can alleviate anxiety.
  • Try closing your eyes to make the world go away, or counting to calm yourself.

“This problem is prevalent in our society. Indeed, the American Institute of Stress found that 83 percent of workers in this country suffer from daily stress, and nearly eight percent feel that their stress levels are paralyzing.”

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