October 15


11 People Explain How Getting Rid of Stuff Has Changed their Life

By Peter Julian

Employing minimalism and removing materialistic items and matters from one’s life can make a significant difference, as a lot of minimalists have expressed their improved mood and quality of life from decluttering in particular and minimalism in general. On Reddit, eleven people have described how these changes helped them. Some of the ways minimalism was of use to them were having better sleeping patterns and relationships, being more internally centered and grounded, spending more time doing preferred activities and having more available time overall, and feeling less anxious. Such methods also helped them save money and consequently have more available funds for more important situations and become less egotistical while having a better idea of their own purpose. It helped them to appreciate what they already had.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minimalism allows people to focus on the experience of life, rather than their material possessions.
  • By getting rid of physical objects, there is less time spent cleaning, which allows for more time to do important things.
  • When someone longs for less physical items, they have more money for other aspects of their life.

“Many minimalists report feeling much happier and freer after getting rid of clutter in their homes.”

Read more: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/11-people-explain-how-getting-rid-of-stuff-has-changed-their-life/

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