October 23


10 Surprising Stress Symptoms Nobody Ever Talks About

By Peter Julian

October 23, 2020

Stress is a common thing for people all over the globe, but there are probably symptoms that you didn’t attribute to stress that you may even be experiencing now. If you are feeling overly fatigued much of the time and just want to sleep, this is a symptom of stress. There are a few others as well that you wouldn’t expect, like feeling overly emotional. Feeling emotional is a normal emotion, but feeling it often might signal that you are having an over abundance of stress in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are some stress symptoms you may not even be aware are linked to stress.
  • Feeling tired all the time and just wanting to sleep is a symptom of chronic stress.
  • If you are feeling overly emotional, this is also an indicator that you are overwhelmed.

“Today, everyone is experiencing stressful feelings that stem from the pressures of everyday American life.”

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