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BrainSpeak Radio Episode #5: How to Study Smarter – Not Harder!

Parents and Students of all ages: Check out these powerful study tips!

BrainSpeak publisher Peter Julian had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Fry, author of the world renown “bible” on the subject of how to learn faster and remember more – How To Study.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode…

  • The secret to setting up a perfect study space.
  • The difference between “skimming” and “scanning” and why it is important.
  • When a physical book beats a tablet every time!
  • How “studying” will be different in 10 years…Or not!
  • Why a “kazoo” is not just a musical instrument (we didn’t know this).

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

How To Study: The Best-Selling Program That Has Helped Millions of Students Study Smarter, Not Harder.

The best-selling How to Study has helped millions of students study smarter, not harder. For its 25th anniversary, it is undergoing the most extensive revision in a decade.

How to Study reveals the study skills that all students need to know to be successful, whether the goal is landing a top scholarship, excelling in school, or preparing to return to school.

This edition includes information on how to create an effective work environment, stand out in class, conduct research online, and much more.

Fry also covers all the traditional elements of a winning study strategy, such as reading, writing, time-management, memory, and test-taking skills. How to Study introduces a revolutionary study system, along with examples, that gives students the edge in any learning environment.

How to Study also: Prepares students of all ages to excel in their classes by developing effective study skills. Shows students, in a quick, easy-to-read style, the essential skills that can be applied outside the classroom and later in life.

Includes study tips for teaching and studying with young children; advice for fighting mid-study fatigue and boredom; tips for in-class learning; and more.

Get it here!

RON FRY is a nationally known proponent for the improvement of public education and an advocate for parents and students, playing an active role in strengthening personal education programs. In addition to being the author of the best-selling HOW TO STUDY series, which has sold more than 3,000,000 copies to date, Fry has written more than 30 other books in the area of education and careers. He is the founder and president of Career Press, an internationally known independent publisher of trade nonfiction books.

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