June 29


Writing Can Improve Mental Health

By Peter Julian

It’s been shown throughout history that some of the greatest pieces of writing were created as a refuge from mental health and psychological issues. You don’t have to be the next Shakespeare in order to benefit from this fact. For those struggling with mental issues writing can provide that escape and fortify your inner battle-readiness, whether you undertake poetry or general creative writing. These activities also improve your sense of self-esteem and control, and allow you to freely and safely express your deepest emotions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent studies suggest that by turning our attention inward, writing can increase self-awareness and mental health.
  • Three styles of writing – expressive, reflective and creative – can produce benefits.
  • Spending just 15 minutes writing each day can give you the opportunity to improve self-awareness.

“One theory suggests that bottling up emotions can lead to psychological distress.”

Read more: https://neurosciencenews.com/mental-health-18752can-improve-mental-health/

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