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Episode #11 A Conversation With Dr. Carol Francis

Dr._Carol_FrancisIn this episode, Dr. Carol talks with psychologist Dr. Carol Francis, who has been researching all things WOO for decades.

Both of the Dr. Carols discuss Dr. Francis’ new book, “Your Soaring Phoenix.” The book is an exciting anthology covering 42 different aspects of spiritual exploration and all things WOO.

In the show, they discuss a couple of the highlights from the book such as signs from her deceased mother, astral projection, and “time travel” through hypnosis.

Episode #10 An Interview With The Founder Of Spirit Bath

SpiritBathIn this episode, Dr. Carol talks with Matt, co-founder of SpiritBath.com. They discuss his own spiritual journey that went from a career where he chased money, to his current mission of spreading light and spirituality around the world.

They also talk about SpiritBath got started, what the site’s mission is, and some of the exciting WOO things that he has experienced.

Episode #9 A Conversation With Psychic Medium Roberta Sutphen

Roberta_SutphenIn this episode, Dr. Carol talks with psychic medium, Roberta Sutphen. Since she was a baby, she has been able to see spirits, guides, and angels. Carol and Roberta discuss some interesting stories from her experiences. They also share how her ability has impacted her life, and how she now uses it to help other people.

Episode #5 Out-of-Body Experiences & Helping the Dead Transition to the Other Side with Susan Austin Taylor

Susan Austin TaylorIn this fascinating episode of “A Walk On The WOO Side,” Dr. Carol talks with psychic medium, Susan Austin Taylor. From an early age, Susan has been able to travel out of her body. If you have ever been curious about what that experience is like, you will learn a lot more about it in this show. You will also hear how she helps people who have recently died transition over to the “Light” and the Other Side.

Episode #3 PAST LIFE REGRESSION STORIES with Dick Sutphen

Richard SutphenIn this episode, Dr. Carol continues her conversation with Dick Sutphen. She and Dick tell the WOO story of their WOO connection and how they met. Then Dick recalls several case histories of past life regression where recalling past lives has actually helped people solve their problems in the present.