Episode #3 PAST LIFE REGRESSION STORIES with Dick Sutphen

Richard SutphenIn this episode, Dr. Carol continues her conversation with Dick Sutphen. She and Dick tell the WOO story of their WOO connection and how they met. Then Dick recalls several case histories of past life regression where recalling past lives has actually helped people solve their problems in the present.

Episode #2 The Metaphysical Career of Richard Sutphen

Richard SutphenIn this episode, Dr. Carol speaks with best-selling author, metaphysician, hypnotist, Dick Sutphen about how is career in the spiritual world started. Originally an artist in the field of advertising, Dick started learning and experimenting with all things WOO in the early 1970s. Hear his stories about his powerful and detailed past life regression, his early experiences with psychics, and much more.