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Try This Brain Wave Vibration Exercise For Stress Reduction and Better Memory!

Do you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious by the end of the day? It is a common issue, and when we feel that way we miss out on so much life has to offer!

The Brain Wave Vibration exercise, brought to us by Chun Shim, Regional Coordinator of the Sedona Mago Retreat in Central Arizona, only takes a few minutes, but it can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety level and at the same time enhance your memory and cognition.

Why not give it a try?

How to Perform The Brain Wave Vibration Exercise

Note: Keep in mind that energy follows the focus of your mind. So first put your mind in the location of chakras (pictured below) and move/shake your body side to side gently. Imagine you are shaking your chakras, so focus inward. During the shaking you may feel warmth or lightness inside. When you stop the movement, you can feel tingling, buzzing, light and warmth all over in your body.

1. Sit on the floor in a half-lotus posture. If that is uncomfortable and you choose to sit in a chair, do not lean your back against the chair, but keep your back straight.

2. Close your eyes and breathe comfortably, relaxing your body completely.

chakras3. Begin gently shaking your #1 Chakra for a minute and move to #2 until #6. Then vibrate all 7 Chakras. Breathe fully, focusing especially on the exhalation.

4. As you continue to vibrate, imagine your brain stem, located at the base of the skull, glowing with energy. Visualize your brain stem and entire brain lighting up as your go deeper and deeper into the shaking motion. Your head may also go up and down or follow the shape of an infinity symbol as you go deeper into the motion. Imagine this energy slowly spreading up into your brain, down your spine, and out through your nervous system until every cell of your body is bathed in energy.

5. Your conscious awareness will disappear as you become aware of only the vibration. Once your body feels relaxed and loose, slow your vibrating gradually and sit quietly.

6. Observe your pulse, breath, and mind. Calm your breathing and focus your mind on your lower abdomen.

7. While sitting and resting, focus intently on your pulse, breath, and mind. Feel gravity pulling your body toward the Earth, and feel the circulation of energy throughout your body. Focus on your abdomen to pull the energy toward your body’s center and your Chakras.

About the Author Chun Shim

Chun Shim is the regional coordinator for Sedona Mago Retreat in Central Arizona and the manager of the Tao Healing Center in Chandler, Arizona. She has been a master healer, teacher, workshop trainer, and holistic life consultant for individuals and groups for almost two decades. Facilitating various workshops such as Brain Education, Chakra Healing, Finding True Self, and From Stress To Strength, Chum Shim educates people on how to connect and heal the physical body, the energy body, and the spiritual body.

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