Law of Attraction Not “Working?”

Whether you are a follower of the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, or just plain old hard work, there are two things that will always stand in your way to success unless you can eliminate them forever.

Tuning Your Core Vibration featuring GratiTuning® is the latest breakthrough from that will help you align what you think, say, and do with what you truly want and deserve.

It hurts...

If you’re like most followers of the Law of Attraction (or any other personal development philosophy), there are things in your life that you truly want to be, do, or have…

You know, the kinds of things that add tremendous joy, abundance, and purpose to your life.

But, in a minute I’m going to tell you why no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you “want” them, and no matter how much money you pour into trying to change yourself or your circumstances, it’s still no guarantee that it will happen.

It’s frustrating to think that there are things that you so deeply want and deserve but no matter what you do, they seem to always elude your grasp. And here’s the really sad part; you are not alone.

Literally millions of people just like you crawl into bed each night pleading:

“Why can’t I have what I want? Why is it so hard?”

It is frustrating. And, really, It just plain hurts…

How is it that you can try so hard and want something so much and yet…?

Well, what if…

  • You could break free from the illusion that you'll never get what you want.
  • You could become totally aligned in what you think, what you say, what you do, and finally, what you create.
  • Know that whatever you put your sights on can become your reality.
  • Bust loose of the need for more and more self-help “stuff”.
  • Every day was focused around following your inspiration uncontaminated by second thoughts, doubt, and incongruity?
  • You could feel the awesome power of replacing “hope” with certainty and the exhilaration of “anticipation!”

First, a word of warning…

What you are about to read is very “uncommon” sense. It will challenge almost every belief you have about who you are and what you’re capable of creating in your life.

There are only two reasons why anyone doesn’t get what they want in life…

You will never realize your dreams unless you:


  • Eliminate resistance to allowing what you want to show up in your experience

And then:

  • Become totally focused and “congruent” about what you want. A good example of being “incongruent” is thinking one thing and saying another or saying one thing but doing another. You get the idea.

Think about it…

These are the two most fundamental problems that everyone faces when they’re not fully experiencing the life that they want.

If you can’t solve these two problems and, more importantly eliminate the causes, you will continue to feel that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get from where you are to where you want and deserve to be.

If you do solve for these, then any program you use, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Prayer, any program, will “work” perfectly.

In fact…

If you solve these two problems, it won’t even occur to you that you even need another self-help program!

This is powerful stuff. Imagine what it would be like to actually get what you want from any program or no program at all!

So, here’s the Bottom Line…

When you finally and permanently remove resistance and incongruity, you’ll be free to attract the same experience of abundance, joy, and fulfillment as people who are naturally successful. They create what they want and want what they create.

And isn’t that what you want too? Of course it is! It’s what we all want.

Introducing Tuning Your Core Vibration™

Almost 4 years ago we committed to researching and solving these very questions because we knew that to do so would free thousands of people from the painful idea that they simply can’t have the life that they want.

Tuning Your Core Vibration™ is a “Whole Brain” Learning Program that uses our Proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Technology to create dramatic, rapid, and lasting change.

In short, Tuning Your Core Vibration™ allows you to eliminate resistance to change and helps to align your “core” essence, that is, what you think, what you say, what you do, and what you create with your desires.

*Special note: Tuning Your Core Vibration™ is NOT another Law of Attraction course. It is a special training tool that will allow you to overcome resistance and vibrationally become the person who has what you want in life.

Tuning Your Core Vibration™ focuses on the key components of creating what you want:

  • Release Resistance To Change With GratiTuning®

GratiTuning® is our own special method of breaking resistance and installing a deep sense of heart-felt gratitude.

In order to create change you must break through your unconscious barriers. Resistance can be in the form of limiting beliefs, rigid expectations, lack of certainty, fear, etc. and is experienced as negative emotions around what you want. For instance, it does little good to attempt to create change without removing resistance; you’ll simply find yourself being pulled back to where you started. This is easily witnessed in most approaches to dieting especially when the “yo-yo effect” demonstrates how resistance can pull you right back. This same resistance applies to all areas of life.

  • Know Exactly What You Want With Clarity

And isn’t that what you want too? Of course it is! It’s what we all want.

Tuning Your Core Vibration™helps you to tune your personal “Congruency Matrix.” Kind of a geeky title but the Congruency Matrix is simply the interconnected relationship between what you think, what you say, what you do, and what you create. All parts of the matrix must be in alignment for you to access the Law of Attraction’s potential.

Most of what we attract into our life is the creation of our unconscious mind. The first step in making creation a conscious process is to intentionally become clear about what you want.

If the captain of a ship is not clear about which destination port he wishes to reach, then the ship will remain adrift at sea allowing the tide to take it where it may (in this particular metaphor the tide represents your unconscious mind).

When your matrix is out of alignment, you’ll feel like even the simplest things you do require tremendous work. You’ll feel like you are constantly pushing a huge boulder up the side of a mountain.

On the other hand, imagine your power to attract when both your conscious and unconscious mind are aligned. Life becomes simple.

Tuning Your Core Vibration™ helps you become consciously and unconsciously congruent by aligning your thoughts, words, and actions to create the vibration that will easily attract the life that you want.

Finally, no more self-help insanity!

Tuning Your Core Vibration is the first in a series of “Smart Programs” that adjusts itself to your particular neurology and mindset. Your results will be uniquely personal; unlike anyone else’s and tailored only to your specific need.

It gives you what you need to let go of resistance and align with your most congruent dreams. And over time, the program will continue to adapt to your changing perspective. That means that you don’t have to “upgrade” to the “next level” like some publishers force you to do.

When you order your program, here’s what you get…

  • A fully detailed instruction manual the includes the powerful GratiTuning® Journal and Clarity Matrix exercises.
  • An introduction CD with demonstrations for effectively using the program.
  • Four master quality CDs; one for each part of the Congruency Matrix:

CD #1 What you think
CD #2 What you say
CD #3 What you do
CD #4 What you create

  • And, four, specially created BrainStorm Silent Subliminal support CDs to be played in the background anytime, anywhere!

You get a total of 9 CDs with the detailed instruction manual that includes your GratiTuning Journal!

Tuning Your Core Vibration is not a birds and trees and babbling brook relaxation program. It is a powerful change tool unlike anything you have experienced before. like some publishers force you to do.

Does that mean that Tuning Your Core Vibration is hard to use?

No, in fact using TYCV is as easy as listening to the program for as little as 30-minutes a day nd making a quick entry in your journal to track your results.

Try Tuning Your Core Vibration Today!

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