We Are Judged By Our Actions...

BrainStorm Commitment - Encourage Decision-Making and Sustain Commitments to People and Projects.

BrainStorm Commitment

The inability to commit--to jobs, relationships, or financial obligations--appears to be epidemic in our culture. Disposable marriages, multiple bankruptcies and revolving door careers all signal a genuine fear of commitment.

Running away at the first sign of trouble, or refusing to take seriously our obligations are warning signs that the promises we make don’t have very deep roots.

Changing the way we think about committing ourselves to other people, in relationships, employment or business transactions, is obviously vital to our own peace of mind.

But it is the commitments that we make and keep to ourselves that truly define who we are and how we will be respected in the world in which we function.

Simply, those who lack the ability to commit are doomed to an aimless and shallow existence.

fade-leftfade-rightThe BrainStorm Commitment CD is designed to help you...

  • See clearly, be focused, know your path and understand your choices.
  • Decide with clarity and conviction.
  • Release fear, doubt, and let go of indecision.
  • Embrace choice, wisely choose, and commit to your choices.
  • Become strengthened by your decisions in order to make even better decisions in the future.
  • Commit to experiencing the life of your dreams.
  • Commit yourself to excellence and joy.
  • Become enthusiastic about your commitments.
  • Experience commitment as freedom, fun, and personal fulfillment.
  • Strengthen your courage to commit.
  • Understand that you’re “as good as your word” and your word is good.

fade-leftfade-rightTwo Powerful Tracks!

Each BrainStorm title contains two tracks of positive "silent" affirmations plus the 7.83 kHz Schumann resonance (the vibratory frequency of the Earth) embedded in a high frequency carrier.  This listening format was recommended to us by our original 100 member test group, based on the results they produced during our research and development of BrainStorm.

  • BrainSpeak Sounds & Subliminals

    Track #1 combines carefully selected, audible sound BrainSpeak sound patterns, with inaudible “silent” subliminal messages.

    It is designed to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain and shift your brainwave patterns to an alpha-theta level – where you can experience deep relaxation, creativity and re-scripting of behaviors and beliefs.

    We recommend that you listen to this track with headphones, at a comfortable volume.  Do NOT listen to this track while driving!

  • BrainStorm Silent Subliminals

    Track #2 contains the same positive subliminal messages in our specially encoded silent format!  You may listen to this track without headphones – anytime, anywhere, for any amount of time.

    Because there are no distracting “masking” sounds you can play it through speakers in the background while you work, talk on the phone, watch TV, drive, or sleep.

    The subliminal messages re-program your subconscious mind while you go about your daily activities.

fade-leftfade-rightOrder BrainStorm Commitment today and begin to experience the power of integrity!

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  • q-iconWhat are 'silent' subliminals?

    The Silent subliminal process, developed and patented by aerospace engineer O. M. “Bud” Lowery, encodes our subliminal affirmation audio script just above the level of conscious awareness. Silent subliminals are extremely effective because they can be played in the background through speakers without the usual annoying masking sounds. We were the first to license this powerful process and we adhere to the original proprietary encoding method. You can learn more here: http://brainspeak.com/a/brainspeak-silent-subliminal-technology/

  • q-iconWhat's the best way to listen to BrainSpeak Programs?

    All BrainSpeak programs (unless otherwise indicated) are designed to be listened to with good-quality cover-the-ear headphones regardless of the playback device (iPhone, CD player, FLAC player, etc.). The use of ear-buds is not recommended but is permitted if they can produce a 20-20k Hz frequency range. You should not perform other activities while listening; sit back, relax and let the programs work their magic.

  • q-iconHow much time do I need to spend listening to my program?

    Most BrainSpeak program tracks are less than 30 minutes in length and can be listened to once or twice a day.

  • q-iconHow long before I notice results?

    We probably get this question 10 times a day 🙂 Your results will vary depending on how closely you follow instructions, the frequency you use the program, the quality of your listening experience, and other environmental factors. Your expectations and your sensitivity to behavioral change also play a major role in how soon you’ll notice the changes that are taking place.

  • q-iconWhat is 'FLAC?'

    FLAC is a high quality sound compression format that allows for CD quality sound but in a downloadable format that can be played on Apple (and other) devices with an optional app. The apps that we have tested range from free to about $10 and produce a remarkable listening experience. Right now, we are including a free FLAC version of our BrainStorm programs with a download purchase.

  • q-iconCan I get a copy of the subliminal script?

    Absolutely! All purchasers can request a PDF of the subliminal affirmations by sending a request to support@brainspeak.zendesk.com. Please include your name, email, program title, and order number with your request.