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Brain Mapping: How is an American Brain different from a Chinese Brain?

A team of researchers from University of Maryland, led by Michele Gelfand, has received a $813,000 grant from the Department of Defense. They will use this money over 3 years to perform brain mapping on people from various cultures to see how cultural differences may show up in their brains. This is part of a relatively […]

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Is It True That Green Tea Can Protect Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s?

We’ve seen articles here and there that claim that green tea could possible help protect against Alzheimer’s – and also those that deny that there is any connection. If you are curious, you may want to read about these 4 studies that talk about the link between Green tea and Alzheimer’s. Green Tea Guards Against […]

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Is Yoga Better Than Aerobics for Brain Function?

There have been many studies to determine the impacts of aerobic exercise on mental function. The results are very positive and show that “cognitive performance” is improved by a 20-minute aerobic workout at somewhere between 60-70 percent of max heart rate. Which makes a lot of sense, all the extra blood flow and oxygen circulating […]

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7 Tips For Gaining Freedom From Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be frightening. They are often brought on by stressful situations, and may only occur once or twice But for those who experience them over and over, it becomes “Panic Disorder,” and fear of the attack itself can keep them from engaging in life. Panic attacks have a number of symptoms associated with […]

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5 Tips To Help You Stop Letting Depression Control Your Life

Depression manifests itself different ways, but can be accompanied by anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia and sadly, even suicidal tendencies, making it a very serious affliction for millions of sufferers. If you struggle with depression, know there is help! Regardless of the severity or circumstances surrounding your depression, you should have a professional consultation. “Clinical depression” […]

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Where Did I Put My . . . ? Must-Read Memory Tips

Our memory is something we fear to lose. All the press around Alzheimer’s and dementia keeps reminding us that there is no guarantee it will be with us for forever. But you can help to avoid memory loss by following a few simple steps. By being educated about memory loss and ways to prevent it, […]

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Music and Your Brain: The Psychology of Music

Here’s a great infographic on the effects of music on the mind and brain. The colors are a bit pale but the information is wonderful! The Psychology of Music infographic

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Problem Solving Strategies for Kids

We have all had the experience of being stuck in our thinking, but it can really frustrate our children. One of our jobs as parents is to help create problem solving strategies for kids that will give them a way to move forward. Problem Solving Strategies for Kids One day, one of my kids was […]

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