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What Everyone Needs to Know About Brain Supplements

brain supplements

Information hits most of us like a tidal wave in our computerized society, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and confused as they try to determine what needs attention.  Demands on our time seem to be increasing as well, and the best way to sort through it all is by having mental clarity and focus (and being […]

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9 Simple Tips to Improve Your Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness

By Sherley AlabaAs you age, you may notice your brain is not as sharp as it was when you were younger.To counter the effects of aging, you’ll need to modify your lifestyle to incorporate activities that are known to improve your brain’s health. Brain Fitness can prevent you from developing serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease […]

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6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Heart and Brain Health

Brain Health

Heart health and brain health are intimately related. Improve brain fitness by following this heart-healthy advice.

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Small Trips Can Make a Big Difference for Brain Fitness

by Susan Grotenhuis If you’re looking to improve your brain fitness you may have started adding blueberries to your cereal, taken up doing the daily crossword or switched your favorite brew to red wine. All good choices, but what about taking a trip? Whether you choose to visit a museum, historic home or arboretum, getting […]

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Secrets of the Sleeping Brain

By Susan Grotenhuis Humans have been pushing the natural boundaries between day and night for centuries. In the 1800s, we used candles and gas lamps to extend the day. Today in America, you can go for a meal, exercise at the gym, or shop for groceries at almost any time during a 24-hour cycle. There […]

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Top 10 Tips for Health and Well-being (Part 2)

health and well-being

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD If you had the opportunity to read last month’s article, I hope that you are utilizing if not all, at least one or two of the suggestions to improve your physical well-being. If you haven’t read the article, I encourage you to do so. As I previously stated, simple and […]

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Top 10 Tips for Health and Well-being (Part 1)

tips for health

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 1998. Along the way, I’ve seen the positive impact of very simple and easy to incorporate tips to improve the overall health and well-being of my clients and myself. Some of these tips may already be a part of your health program. […]

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Eat “Super Foods” for a Healthier Brain

by Florence Silverstein There’s no denying that as we age chronologically, our bodies age right along with us. But research is showing that you can increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain well into old age by adding “Super Foods” foods to your daily eating regimen. Adding some or all of these “Super Foods” […]

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Four More Natural Energy-Boosting Techniques

by Miss Mindful, Joan Moran In the last article we talked about the increased use of caffeine to kick-start your day, and how there are many natural energy-boosting techniques that you could turn to instead. Here are Four more natural techniques you can add as replacements for caffeine. 1. Green Drinks: The Energy Elixir. I’m […]

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