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6 Ways to Start Writing a Memoir

by Diana Raab You might have good intentions about wanting to write a memoir or feel as if you have a story to tell, but you hit a wall when it comes to knowing just where to start. Maybe someone has encouraged you or said you ought to write a book, and you do not […]

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9 Ways to Point Your Energy toward Growth and Expansion

By Jackie Lapin Energy Flows Where Concentration Goes, as pointed out by author Gerry Roberts, the author of The Millionaire Mindset. This statement may seem simple to you at first glance, but it has HUGE implications behind it! As we live each day, worrying about various matters in our lives—our finances, our relationships, our work, […]

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You Can Unleash Your Creative Energy Thru Invisible Dimensions in Art

by Jacqueline Ripstein, the author of The Art of HealingArt– The Keys to Power and Awareness (Editor’s Note: The author of this excerpt shares with us that the visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light. […]

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Writing From the Heart: 8 Tips on Writing A Eulogy

by Diana Raab By definition, a eulogy is a speech given at a memorial service in honor of the deceased. Sometimes there is one eulogy, other times, there is more than one. Typically, the person organizing the memorial service will ask the family and any friends who might be interested in giving a eulogy. Anyone […]

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Do You Have a Savior Complex? Read This and Save Yourself!

By Dr. Carol Morgan You cannot motivate other people – even if it is in their own “best interest.” Face it, a lot of times when we tell ourselves we are trying to motivate people (especially those close to us!) what we are really trying to do is get them to do things in a […]

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5 Compelling Reasons to Be an Early Riser

by Adrienne Erin There are many clichés about the early riser—the early bird catches the worm, you’d have to get up mighty early in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes, etc. Benjamin Franklin, renowned for his wise sayings, even coined a phrase about the early riser being healthy, wealthy and wise. It […]

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5 Reasons to Write a Memoir

by Diana Raab A memoir is a collection of memories about moments or events in an author’s life. The word comes from the French word “memoire,” which means memory or reminiscence. Memories are remembered events, occasions, people and places that you recall. A memoir recounts a time period or set of experiences in the author’s […]

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Series: The Fire of Relationships, Part 1

by Joan King, Ph.D. What are you seeking in relationship? A longing to connect reaches out from the core of our humanness. We ache to belong, to feel the still point of our closeness to another or a group. Who would we BE without our relationships, loveless? Yet, without a provoking event we devote little […]

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Ho’oponopono — Housecleaning for the Soul, Hawaiian Style

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique, traditionally performed by a kahuna (healing priest), for energetic cleansing, reconciliation, and forgiveness.  It is used to achieve balance and peace of mind. In Zero Limits, bestselling author Joe Vitale revealed the secret of this Hawaiian art, which instantly clears unconscious programs, even if we don’t know what they […]

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3 Simple Steps Toward Self-Love (Especially for the Self-Critical)

By Wendy Reese If ever there were one month dedicated to love, it would have to be February. Often, though, the focus is on external love. The only partner you have from birth to death is yourself. In essence,  the truest love of all is you. Yet, more many people, they do not treat themselves […]

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