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Robin Williams: Suicide, the Media, and the Aftermath

by Dr. Tracy Bennett [Editor’s Note: Even though it has been many days since the news of Robin William’s passing came to our attention, this article by Dr. Tracy Bennett is timeless in its look at the act of suicide, and the impact felt across the country. She brings up some sobering thoughts about the […]

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How to Create a More Intentional Life

By Whitney Freya Are you living “intentionally” or by “accident”? This is the question at the root of the self-help industry, the science of Quantum Physics, and the current Spiritual Movement. This trifecta of human development is all coming to the same conclusion, that our world is what we make it. It is this essential […]

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How Your Child’s Brain Grows: Developmental Psychology Crash Course

By Dr. Tracy Bennett (Editor’s Note:  Dr. Bennett had previously shared with BrainSpeak information about babies and screen time, asking some good questions about how much is safe.  Now she delves further into how brains develop in our children to help us understand more about this important question.) This article offers a developmental psychology review/crash […]

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Avoiding Information Overload

by Scott Kraus Have you ever left your cell phone at home, only to feel a bit lighter throughout the day? It can be very liberating to not have something beep at you all day. And if you have a smartphone, suppressing that urge to check your notifications will free up a surprisingly large portion […]

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Authenticity is an Inside Job

Everyone thinks they want authenticity, but what does it really mean? If you look at Encarta World Dictionary, it says that it refers to the genuineness or truth of something. For you, that something is YOU – it is being true to your self – your values, your hopes and dreams. It is what was […]

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6 Ways to Nourish Your Muse

By Diana M. Raab, PhD. The term muse comes from the original Muses who were the nine daughters of the Greek God, Zeus. In today’s world, a muse may be thought of as a source of inspiration for a writer and can be a person, situation or even a fantasy. In Ray Bradbury’s book, The […]

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Change Habits Before They Start: Interruptions for Intentional Change

by: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD (the following is an expert from Lynette’s upcoming ebook, which will be available later in the year at Many years ago my then eight year old daughter started tightening her throat and contorting her face while making a swallowing sound that resembled a tic. I instinctively knew […]

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Five Steps to Dealing with Stress

By Froswa Booker-Drew We always hear about the impact and dangers of stress on our minds and bodies. No matter how much I’ve read about stress and coping mechanisms to deal, life is hard and presents challenges that are often difficult to prepare for. I am in one of those situations right now. I am […]

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6 Ways to Find Focus For Your Memoir

by Diana Raab, Ph.D. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” ~ Maya Angelou Both memoir and autobiography are written in the first person. However, the difference between them is that memoir is about a slice of life, whereas autobiography is about an entire life. Typically, autobiographies are written […]

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What is the Brain Impact of Allowing Screen Time for Babies 0-2 Years Old – PART 2

(Editor’s Note: In Part 1, Dr. Bennett introduced the topic of screen time for babies and different points of view about what is acceptable.  In this next part, she gives some sensible guidelines for how to deal with the topic.) In summary, research has demonstrated that excessive screen time use by young children may result […]

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