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Are You Managing Your Time Management?

(DGIwire)   Surely we’ve all had that feeling that there was too much to do and so little time to do it. If each of us had a nickel for every time we’ve said “I wish I had more time in the day,” we’d probably be a very rich. Each of us is constantly engulfed in […]

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test post 3

This is a test again… [wpsocialboost_video youtube=’qW_-FwaY1Qo’] [wpsocialboost]   End test    

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6 Reasons Forgiveness Is So Powerful

Have you ever had a time when you’ve been hurt and felt angry toward someone?  Perhaps they said something mean and hurtful or did something thoughtlessly that made you feel frustrated and angry. We have all heard that the best thing to do in these situations is to forgive whenever you have these experiences. Most […]

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4 Tips to Minimize Conflict and Improve Your Relationships

by Dr. Sebastian Bailey Another slammed door, another argument, another conversation that only ends with hurt feelings. If you’ve noticed a negative pattern in your interactions and wondered where things are going wrong, you’ve already taken the first step—recognizing recurrent conflict. So why do we repeatedly find ourselves in variations of the same conflict? At […]

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Unable to Find the Root Cause of a Problem? Try the 5 Why’s

Getting to the root cause of a problem can be challenging, but using Sakichi Toyoda’s 5 Whys technique may help. Simply ask “why” 5 times to your problem and you will eventually hit upon the root cause. This technique can be used for many scenarios, whether work or life. Other simple tricks like this are […]

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Neurofeedback Isn’t Just for Use in an Office! Combine with Play in the Home

by Lynette Louise, AKA The Brain Broad In my opinion: The best scientists are clinicians who were once patients that then studied themselves and their condition well enough to prudently use originality to improve the prognosis. They then saw replication of this success with clients. The best parenting expert is a parent who has done […]

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7 Ways to Learn Something New Everyday

By Adrienne Erin With a slew of modern resources at your fingertips, learning something new can be as easy as logging onto your computer. You can learn about the simplest of topics that will pump up your trivia knowledge or you can discover something that will completely change your life. Regardless of the complexity, you […]

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Bob Marley’s Wisdom Will Improve Your Life

by Seb Lautmeyer Bob Marley, in just 36 years of life, was so many things to so many people. He was a hero to his home country of Jamaica, a freedom-loving revolutionary, a man of god and worship, a civil rights hero, an unofficial spokesperson for the joys of marijuana. And let’s not forget, he […]

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Strong Evidence That Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Fat

We all know that sleep is important especially a full night of deep snooze. Researchers are now finding that less than a full 7-9 hours can actually change your hormonal balance resulting in a trend toward obesity. The mechanics of this are not clear but the hormonal degradation seems to have an impact on metabolism […]

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Understanding the Middle-School Brain

    Ever wonder why you're sure your middle-school age child is from another planet? Here's an enlightening explanation… Understanding the middle school brain KVUE The Anguiano family let WFAA peek into the brain of this 7th grader, keeping a day-long video diary from Gabriel's breakfast and brushing teeth to the ride to school, to […]

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