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3 Ways To Start Your Day Feeling Good

Have you ever noticed that whatever mood you start your day with seems to be the one that stays with you throughout the rest of your day? So if you want to create a great day, you need to feel good right from the very beginning. There are a number of ways you can deliberately […]

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Ten Technology Time-Savers

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the website is a nonprofit that exists to spread Ideas Worth Mentioning.  Some of these great ideas are time-savers that can make your life a little easier… There is tons of great and useful content there and if you have some extra time you may want […]

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6 Tips To Help You Maintain Focus

Distractions аrе а normal part of life, and they seem to increase during your work day (and at school)!  But there are times that you just have to make that deadline, and you need to be able to maintain focus and concentration іn spite оf the lure оf better things tо do and bright, shiny […]

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