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Biohacking Your Fitness by Harnessing the Power of the Brain – Vision and Inner Ear Balance

by Kusha Karvandi As I mentioned previously, training your muscles/joints is only training one system. And you will get the best results with a three-pronged approach. Vision and inner ear balance (vestibular) Since your brain prioritizes information from your eyes and inner ear before everything else, making sure these systems are working correctly is a […]

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Biohacking Your Fitness by Harnessing the Power of the Brain – Muscles and Joints

by Kusha Karvandi When people think of fitness they think of hours spent on a treadmill, pumping iron, and calorie-counting. Few, however, would consider vision exercises part of their fitness. But exercises like these that influence activation patterns in the brain are an absolute must for anyone looking to optimize their strength, flexibility, hormones, and […]

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The Habit That Drives Other Habits

Let’s face it:  more and more evidence points to meditation being a great way deal with stress, become mindful and become healthier. But what many people don’t realize is that meditation is perhaps the most important habit to incorporate into your life if you want to change other habits.Take negative thoughts, for example.  How can […]

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Will Quantified Self Grow to Quantified Business?

Quantified Self, if you are not familiar with the term, is one that came out of the biohacking world, and was coined by Wired Magazine editors Gary Wolf and Keven Kelly (we love Wired!). It has to do with using technology to gather data in various ways, including use of wearable sensors and bluetooth connectivity […]

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You Can Use Biohacking Methods To Become a Champion!

Tim Ferriss, the famous author of the ‘4-Hour’ series (4-Hour Workweek, 4-Hour Body, 4-Hour Chef), embodies the spirit of biohacking, which basically is all about improving oneself using techniques that give you a high return on your investment capital, whether that is money, time, or energy. Now, that covers a very broad spectrum. It could […]

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DIY Biotechnology – Try Some Hands On Biohacking In The Lab

Genspace is a nonprofit organization located in Brooklyn, New York, whose mission is to promote education in molecular biology for children and adults. The company, led by President and co-founder Ellen Jorgensen, PhD., opened the first community biotechnology lab that allows hands-on learning – a place where the public can learn how to perform biohacking […]

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4 Reasons Exercise Will Make You Smarter

Normally when we write about exercise we put it in the brain fitness category, because we know that exercise helps our brains to stay healthy, it gets more blood flow moving into our brains, etc. Brain Fitness just makes sense as the right place to talk about that. But today I learned about BDNF, Brain […]

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Life’s Underused Shortcut: Get a Mentor!

Are you looking for a life shortcut? Do you want to take a pill that will magically make you smart and successful without having to do any work? My dream is to have some kind of matrix-like immersion video that teaches you how to fly a helicopter or do jujitsu! I’ll pass on the leap […]

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Madonna’s Brain: How to Create One Like It

Have you ever seen Madonna perform live? It is an unforgettable experience – whether you like her music or not, you must admit that woman puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. And she is rewarded very nicely for that, thank you very much…  Forbes Magazine named her the top-earning celebrity of […]

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How Visualization Can Be the Key to BIG Ideas

Have you ever wondered about all the careers out there that you never, ever even knew were there – but had you known about it you would have loved to be involved in that field? One of those types of careers is Business Visualization. Until I watched this Ted video of Tom Wujec, and read […]

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