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Best Natural Nootropics to Boost Your Creativity

Natural Nootropics

by Sherley AlabaThe human brain is a powerful and complex organ that helps us survive and flourish. And just as we fuel our bodies, our brains need high quality fuel for better cognitive and creative functioning. After all, there’s some fantastic stuff going on inside your head 24/7!While it is NOT true that we only […]

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If a Little is Good, More is Better: Popular Health Myths Busted

Health myths busted

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD Summertime and the living is easy…….  It’s that time of year for most people to enjoy summer living, getting out and about, socializing, and taking vacations.  To honor your respite time, this month’s article will be short and sweet. I read a lot of articles posted about various health topics.  And […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Your Body’s Energy Clock

Body's energy clock

Just like the earth has its seasons and timing, so does the body. There are many advantages to becoming familiar with your body’s energy clock, as you will soon see!

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Gifts of the Magi: Healing Benefits

Gifts of the Magi

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD The Bible relates the story of the visit of the Three Kings, men of wisdom or Magi, who traveled to give homage to the infant Jesus. Historians write that although it probably did not happen on the actual date of His birth, it is written that travel they did and […]

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6 Ways Super Genes Can Make You Invincible

Do you think that your genes are just what they are? That your parents handed them down to you and that is what you are stuck with for the rest of your life? For years we had the belief that they were fixed, but the study of epigenetics has exploded that myth. Your genes are […]

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Weight Loss: The Most Important Factor Is Not What You Think

weight loss

by Cammi Balleck CTN Recently my husband took me on a peak experience. We climbed several mountains, walked through beautiful fields of millions of wild flowers, and hiked into hidden waterfalls. It was a great trip, but being up before the sun has a way of wearing me out. I know many of you are sleep deprived and […]

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At Last, a Missing Link to Optimal Health and Weight Management

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD I love the change and variety of seasons. Each season has its own special beauty and charm. Living at the beach, I admit I love the warmer weather seasons and the ability to enjoy all that beach life has to offer. But if I had to choose my second favorite […]

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Here Is a Powerful Method That Helps Some Cancer Patients Heal Faster

cancer patients heal faster

Toward the end of 2014, U.S News & World report published an article on their website entitled “What is Reiki?”  As a proponent for energy medicine, I was happy to see the article show up in such prominent publication! As one would expect, the practice of Reiki is presented with pros and cons and includes […]

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3 Ways To BioHack Your Pain – Part 2

by Kusha Karvandi In the last post, we explored the pain response, and how your brain perceives pain.  We continue here with a more updated theory of pain, along with drills that will help you to retrain your brain. In the late 1960s, researchers Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall proposed the Gate Control Theory of […]

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3 Ways To BioHack Your Pain – Part 1

by Kusha Karvandi The term “Biohacking” sometimes is accompanied with pejorative connotations. But humans have been biohacking their biology since the beginning of time. We carved tools, gathered specific medicinal herbs, and even learned new languages in order to progress ourselves as a species. We’ve mastered the art of biohacking – discovering shortcuts to our […]

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