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The Ugly Truth About Distractions


In our last article, How to Hack Your Productivity, we presented the idea of using the natural ebbs and flows of brain power to maximize productivity.  And there is no doubt that you can use that knowledge to your advantage!It is also true that even when your brain is primed and ready to go, there […]

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4 Tips for Better Decision Making

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD Life does not come with a road map or instructions. Obviously, early on in life, decisions are made for us. But at some point, we begin making decisions that will impact every aspect of our life, both personally and professionally. All decisions impact one’s life, but some much more so […]

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Five Reasons to Try Writing for Wellness

by Diana Raab, Ph.D. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a good time to think about writing for wellness. A lot of research has been done on the healing power of expressive writing and how it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. When you write down your deepest thoughts about a stressful event, […]

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Weight Loss: The Most Important Factor Is Not What You Think

weight loss

by Cammi Balleck CTN Recently my husband took me on a peak experience. We climbed several mountains, walked through beautiful fields of millions of wild flowers, and hiked into hidden waterfalls. It was a great trip, but being up before the sun has a way of wearing me out. I know many of you are sleep deprived and […]

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At Last, a Missing Link to Optimal Health and Weight Management

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD I love the change and variety of seasons. Each season has its own special beauty and charm. Living at the beach, I admit I love the warmer weather seasons and the ability to enjoy all that beach life has to offer. But if I had to choose my second favorite […]

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How You Can Use Your Limitations to Achieve More

bu Kusha Karvandi In 1843, Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard published his first book, entitled “Either/Or.” In the book, there are passages where the famous Soren discusses how boredom is a negative influence that human beings use to justify their jumping from one thing to another. He asserts that the behavior is anchored on the fact […]

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An Unusual (But Easy) Trick To Develop Healthy Habits

healthy habits

by Kusha Karvandi Back in 1993, stockbroker Trent Dyrsmid was hired by a bank in Abbotsford, Canada. The bank was small, but Dyrsmid was new to banking. The expectations for him weren’t very high. To compound the issue, Abbotsford was simply a minor suburb of Vancouver at that time. It wasn’t considered to be any […]

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