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3 Important Questions About Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer has been in the news more than usual, probably spurred by the unfortunate death of Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden. He was only 46 years old. Have you ever wondered about Brain Cancer – how common it is, how can you tell if you have it, what are the survival […]

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5 Summer-Fun Health Risks and Holistic Aids to Save the Day


by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD It’s that time of year again when people are going on vacations (exotic and local), attending reunions, enjoying barbeques, and playing once more outdoors in the hazy, lazy days of the upcoming summer season. As much fun as this time of year is for many who are sequestered indoors due […]

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Too Busy to Take a Holiday From Work?

By Susan Leigh  Did you know that 19 million days of annual leave remain untaken in the UK every year? And that figure doesn’t include the sole traders, small businesses and self-employed who regularly forgo holidays, feel they’re too busy to take a holiday for fear of missing out on sales, business opportunities or at […]

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What Is the Connection Between Sugar, Insulin and Dementia?

Dementia is a subject that has become of more interest to many of us these days, as we see the devastation caused to our loved ones or in other families close to us.  As reported by the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of Americans that are living with Alzheimer’s is growing and only 33% of those […]

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Six Essential Self-Awareness Strategies

by Diana Raab, Ph.D. Becoming self-aware is a key ingredient for undertaking any form of personal writing, whether your genre of choice is journaling, memoir, essay, poetry or memoir. Being self-aware leads to a deeper knowing, and ultimately, to self-realization which in turn results in a sense of wholeness and quite possibly, is the key […]

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Infographic: Why Your Body Wants You to Meditate!

BrainSpeak has been publishing articles on the benefits of meditation for quite a long time – we are big fans. Among the many health benefits you may notice from meditating regularly are lowered blood pressure, pain, and anxiety levels along with greater immunity, creativity, and happiness. Recently Ghergich & Co., producers great visual content, teamed […]

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