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How to Love Your Life: Make One Simple Change

Money and finances takes up an extraordinary amount of our energy.  Thinking about it, wanting more, spending time trying to make more…  In the end, most people feel tired and dissatisfied with their lives because of their perceived lack. What if You Could Love Your Life? But what if you could make one simple change […]

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6 Personal Growth Tips That Don’t Require Much Time

Are you interested in personal growth, but feel so overwhelmed with everything on your plate that you can’t imagine having time to do it? Busyness seems to be the nature of our world these days.  Meditation sounds appealing, but you may be afraid you can’t stop thinking long enough to get any benefit. While meditation […]

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Can Personal Development Help You Maximize Professional Growth?

Whether you like your job or not, it probably takes up a lot of your time.  And there is a good chance that  your Work-Life balance needs some improvement. When it comes to their jobs, most people fall into two categories.  Which category do you think you fall into? Those that love their jobs and […]

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5-Minute Meditation: Release Anger, Worry and More!

We have all heard about the many benefits of meditation. But with so much to do and so little extra time, the majority of us just don’t try. Could you set aside just 5 minutes at the start of your day? Release Anger and More! If you would like to give meditation a try, this […]

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Discover the Healing Energy of Qigong: 6 Simple Exercises

The Healing Energy of Qigong Qigong exercises can be quite powerful in the pursuit of better health.  People that practice Qigong regularly can realize amazing health benefits, especially considering how easy and gentle the practice is. A study published in the Annals of Oncology explains the health benefits some people experience from the healing energy […]

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How to Easily Train Your Brain to Think Positively

  Do you have a tendency to focus on the negative?  If so you may think that it is really hard to think positively… It isn’t. If you follow this advice from Brendon Burchard, you will be using System 2 thinking before you know it!  What is System 2 thinking, you ask? Some psychologists divide […]

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A New Year’s Resolution For Every Zodiac Sign

Need a new jump-start on making your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Here’s a unique way to get going! Look, New Year’s Eve is filled with so many expectations, it could make your head spin. The only good part of this holiday is, it offers us the opportunity to start over. Truthfully, we could start over […]

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If You Change Your Facial Expressions You Can Look More Trustworthy

Look happy, be trustworthy. A new study published by a professor of psychology at New York University finds that you can change your facial expressions to look more trustworthy. But you can’t change your facial features to look more competent. This was one of four experiments done by the researchers at NYU. All four experiments […]

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Great Ways for Teachers to Reduce Stress

As the school year comes to an end, it is important for teachers to revitalize themselves and prepare for an even better year ahead. Here are just a few ideas to become a happier and healthier person – they can help to reduce stress and let go of negative feelings. Expanding your perspective is something […]

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Stay Positive And Happy With These Simple Recommendations

At times it can be difficult to remain positive, but instead of avoiding all negative aspects in your life, sometimes you need to face them head on. This article lists various ways to lead a happier life. Looking at the positive side of things, thinking of the things that you are grateful for, and finding […]

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