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My Top Ten Ways To Create a Quantum Leap – Part 2

By Whitney Freya, author of The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit Last week I told you that creativity is the key to helping you shift into the future.  Following are my Top Ten Ways to Create a Quantum Leap to prepare you, get you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually “fit” to enter into […]

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My Top 10 Ways to Create a Quantum Leap – Part 1

By Whitney Freya, author of The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit What is a “Quantum Leap” and why would you want to create one? “Quantum” refers to the “smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently.” Quantum physics has observed the quality of energy that enables it to instantly move […]

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Creative Kids Rock! How to Raise One & How to BE One!

By Whitney Freya Would you say that your life since school has been more reflective of a BLANK CANVAS or a MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST? Today we live in a world that celebrates new ideas, adaptability, self-motivation and originality. And it is just going to continue rapidly upward on this trajectory. This is why creativity and […]

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How to Create a More Intentional Life

By Whitney Freya Are you living “intentionally” or by “accident”? This is the question at the root of the self-help industry, the science of Quantum Physics, and the current Spiritual Movement. This trifecta of human development is all coming to the same conclusion, that our world is what we make it. It is this essential […]

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3 Ideas to Help You Blast Through Mental Blocks

by Whitney Freya Do you ever just feel stuck? Do you know how your right brain, as I term your “Artist Within”, can help you to write, write and write without experiencing any sort of writer’s block, or innovate that record-breaking marketing plan, or reconnect you with your teenager? Today, these three ideas will help […]

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