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Read and Do Crosswords At Any Age To Improve Memory

A new study just published in Neurology suggests that regardless of what age people are when engaging in brain-stimulating activities like reading, writing, crossword puzzles, etc, (basically any brain-stimulating activity) their memories did not decline as quickly. It’s never too late to improve memory! Read the entire story on Science Daily: Does Being a Bookworm […]

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Honing Your Edge: How To Cut Through The Clutter And Define a New You

We all tend to be creatures of habit.  Habits are those comfy little routines we have built to help define our world, and allow us to move through our day without having to pay close attention to every little thing. Often we have learned them from those around us – parents, teachers, friends. They make […]

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I Need You To Jump On My Bandwagon

Have you ever noticed how some people REALLY want you to agree with their point of view? Why is it so important to them? Researchers wanted to know that too, and what they found was that people who believe their situation is “unchangeable” tend to want to idealize that state, to make it the best […]

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Are Moods Contagious?

You wake up in a great mood, ready to pounce on your day.  At noon, you plan to meet with a longtime friend, whose spouse just filed for divorce. You meet up at your favorite lunch spot, and as your friend goes on and on about the injustice of her situation, you can feel the […]

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Problem Solving Strategies for Kids

We have all had the experience of being stuck in our thinking, but it can really frustrate our children. One of our jobs as parents is to help create problem solving strategies for kids that will give them a way to move forward. Problem Solving Strategies for Kids One day, one of my kids was […]

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