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Dial Down Your Self-Doubt Like This

Have you ever struggled with self-doubt? Most of us have at one time or another, but if you or someone you know feel that way a lot, this dialog between a client with self-doubt and a therapist will show you how that self-doubt works, and how you can use your successes to dial down the […]

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If You Drink Booze, You Need To Take This Supplement

While drinking alcohol in moderation may have some health benefits, drinking too much alcohol damages the body and creates an inflammatory condition that can lead to liver damage and even dementia.  While we are not encouraging excessive drinking, there has been some research that indicates that taking DHA may help reduce the inflammation. Get the […]

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Boost Your Happiness with Gratitude

When you think of something in your life that you would really miss if it were removed – that is something that you could feel grateful for RIGHT NOW because it is present. And feeling grateful seems to lead to a happier life. Traci Pedersen explores some of the latest research on gratitude, and how […]

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You KNOW You Should Workout For Brain and Body – Do It Like This

Do you like working out? It can be fun and empowering, but it shouldn’t be wimpy and sweat-free! As humans we have a tendency to take the path of least resistance, which doesn’t always result in the benefits you are looking for. Follow this great advice from Caleigh Rykiss to make the most of your […]

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Could Brain Stimulation Be the Next Biohacking Trend?

Well, tDCS (Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation) may not be the next biohacking trend yet since there is still a lot of work to be done to make it more precise. But there have been good results using low-level currents to improve memory and problem-solving skills, along with behavior and mood. Find out more on Physics […]

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Don’t Waste Your Motivation on Lesser Tasks – Here’s Why

If B. J. Fogg is correct in his statement that motivation works in waves, then yuo don’t want to waste that motivation on less important tasks. Instead, use that energy to power through a difficult task that will help you get the other things done when you AREN’T motivated! Find out more on Lifehacker: Avoid […]

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Success Requires Mistakes Be Made – How to Learn From Them

Almost no one immediately achieves great success in their career. First, mistakes must be made and within those errors are lessons that you will never forget. Do not think you must avoid mistakes, but instead look for the gems that will lead you to success. Here are Three Lessons that lead to success: Learning from […]

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Chronic Illness Can Be Eased with Meditation and Mindfulness

Behavioral Medicine recently published a study that found that patients with chronic illness that practiced meditation and mindfulness regularly get better sleep, have fewer negative thought patterns, and feel more relaxed. Find out more about how helpful these activities can be to overall health on Psych Central: Find Out How You Can Ease Chronic Illness […]

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What if Fitness Were Easy? The One Activity That You Can Stick With

Obesity-related health conditions include serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, strokes, heart disease and even some types of cancer. The number of people that are considered obese has more than doubled since the 1970’s. It doesn’t take a big change to make significant improvements in one’s health, and the easiest way to incorporate more activity […]

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Boost Your Productivity By Losing These13 Bad Habits

If you want to be productive, not only do you need to establish a good productivity ritual, but you also need to be sure you get rid of activities that sap your energy. These bad habits will only hold you back from your potential. Here are 13 bad habits you should get rid of as […]

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