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Why Do People Compare Themselves to Others?

Humans have a tendency to compare themselves to others that have achieved more, perhaps in an effort to find out more about what is possible. In some people, that provides motivation to improve themselves. However, others can get discouraged and use that comparison to stay where they are. If you are like the second group, […]

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More Power Discovered In Yoga and Meditation Practice

The University of Minnesota has done research that shows that people that practice yoga and meditation have more power over their brains than those who do not. This could have implications on brain-computer interfaces that help physically disabled people. Read more about this exciting new research: New study shows that yoga and meditation may help […]

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Temporal Tapping Can Elevate Your Mood in 30 Seconds

What if there were a simple, free technique that would help your mood improve that was also really fast? You may already be familiar with tapping modalities like TFT and EFT, but this one is even more basic. Why not give it a chance? Read more about Temporal Tapping and watch a brief video (1 […]

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Bikes n’ Brains takes off in London

On Sept 26, if you happen to be located in London, you may want to consider taking part in Bikes n’ Brains, a bike safety and brain injury awareness and prevention ride and symposium taking place on that day.  There is an Awareness Bike Ride from 6:45 to 7:10 PM, which starts and finishes at […]

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Mindfulness Meditation – Are You Up For The Challenge?

Study after study shows us that taking a small amount of time to practice mindfulness meditation can result in a boatload of personal growth! While it seems impossible to sit still for 20 minutes a day, the benefits are huge – less stress and anxiety, more creativity, more working memory and more. Take the challenge! […]

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Declutter Your Mind and Discover Clarity!

Cleaning the clutter out of your home can help you to feel more calm and relaxed. Less stuff often times will translate into less stress, and that is almost always a good thing! So what can you do to help declutter your brain? Here are some resources to help you with the process, plus a […]

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Does Losing Weight Transform Your Brain?

Excess body fat can do some damage to your brain, including being a factor in diseases like Alzheimer’s. However, a recent study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that found that the negative effects of body fat can be reversed with weight loss.  This is something previously not thought possible! Find […]

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How Kindness Can Help You Reconnect

Years ago people were more connected – they not only knew their neighbors, but they interacted with them regularly. There was a feeling of mutual interdependence and helping each other was just a way of life. Today, we have become mobile and disconnected. Many of us don’t even know our neighbors. Find out how Kindness […]

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Start the Day Off Right With a Good Morning Routine

You know that when your day gets started on the “wrong foot” nothing seems to go right all day. Ensure a good morning by creating a morning routine that gets your day off to a good start. To be effective, your morning routine needs to have these 3 components… Find out what they are at: […]

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