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What Our Personal Development Readers Want – Survey 2018 Results Are In!

What Our Personal Development Readers Want – Survey 2018 Results Are In!It’s always exciting……for us to learn what you, our wonderful subscribers and customers need from us to help in the quest to become Smarter, Faster, and just plain Better.So, every year we ask you to give us input in the form of a short […]

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The Death of MP3

MP3 is the very popular format for the encoding and compression of audio files, one that’s contributed heavily to a rapid increase in availability and brought huge changes in the way we consume music and other digital audio files like our BrainSpeak programs.You may have guessed that, as a producer of personal development audio programs, we have a love-hate […]

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Tuning Your Core Vibration: The Next Generation Now In Production!

A Quick Update…If you’re not familiar with our Tuning Your Core Vibration program on the BrainSpeak Store, it is one of our most popular programs designed to bring what you think, what you say, what you do, and what you manifest all into perfect alignment. In other words…Your Thoughts + Your Words + Your Actions […]

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Episode #7 – Selecting Great Headphones With Audio Pro Brent Ronen

Top Questions Every Serious Student Of Personal Development Should Ask About Selecting Great HeadphonesPeter Julian’s guest today is country music phenom and boss-level audio engineer Brent Ronen who will share critical information with you about how to select the perfect set of headphones or earbuds.If you want to get the best headphones or earbuds without […]

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BrainSpeak Radio Episode #6: Living From the Inside Out!

How To Reject Self-imposed Limitations And Live A Life That Reflects Who You Really Are With Donald WilliamsLiving Your Life From the Inside-Out…In this episode, author and speaker Donald Williams and I discuss how to become “unrejectable” by shifting your thinking from “outside-in” to “inside out.”So if you want to learn why anything is possible […]

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Self-Help Charlatans Larry Winget Style

We like Larry Winget’s Rant about Self-Help charlatans and the locus of real life changes!

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BrainSpeak Radio Episode #5: How to Study Smarter – Not Harder!

BrainSpeak Radio Episode #5: BrainSpeak publisher Peter Julian had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Fry, author of the world renown “bible” on the subject of how to learn faster and remember more – How To Study.

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Science Proves That Productivity Is Increased By Watching “Kitty” Porn!

Watching cute cat videos is actually addictive and good for you. OK. Hopefully you forgive the terrible play on words but have you ever wondered why we, as humans, are so drawn to videos of cute animals, especially cats? In this recent article from CNN (see link to the entire article below) the science behind […]

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Self-Help Pioneer Dr. Wayne Dyer Dies at 75, Family and Publisher Say

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer, the self-help guru whose best-seller “Your Erroneous Zones” was adopted by millions as a guide to better living, has died at 75.

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Transform Your Life By Viewing Challenges as Blessings

A positive mindset can create an amazing difference in an individual’s life. If you view challenges as blessings in disguise, you will be able to more effectively cope with change. There are a few key points to re-frame challenges as blessings. These points include asking questions about the difficult situations in your life. Questions you […]

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