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Healthy Brains are Flexible: Life is NOT One-Size-Fits-All (Part 3)

by Lynette Louise, A.K.A. The Brain Broad While very unfortunate, people do deny the lived experience of another on a regular basis. As I previously mentioned, I specialize in autism. And if there was ever a population wherein lived experience is constantly denied, it is this one. People immediately polarize the minute the word “vaccine” […]

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Healthy Brains are Flexible: How Can We Share Information (Part 2)

by Lynette Louise, A.K.A. The Brain Broad As I was saying at the end of Part 1, my own temporal lobe brain challenges make “traditional” record keeping a problem, and it leads me to wonder how I will pass on what I know and share responsibly with the field. I have healed this issue markedly. […]

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Healthy Brains are Flexible: Neurofeedback, From the Beginning and Back (Part 1)

by Lynette Louise, A.K.A. The Brain Broad I began in the field of neurofeedback for brain regulation as a student of EEG Spectrum where they trained practitioners to investigate brain function challenges using a model of arousal. To put it briefly, the arousal model uses data, history and diagnosis to investigate whether symptoms are related […]

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Why The Placebo Effect Can Be Our Greatest Health Ally

By: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD Recently a colleague accused me of engaging the placebo effect. He remarked, “You are far too wonderful and I cannot replicate your results. Perhaps you’re not just making the changes with neurofeedback but are instead enhancing the placebo effect with your personality.” I thought, “Why, of course. In […]

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Simplifying Brain Health, Globally

by Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD When people ask me why I created the non scripted TV show FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD, my answer is simple: I wanted to get around the mental health confidentiality restrictions that were preventing me from convincing people just how simple healing can be. It […]

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Change Habits Before They Start: Interruptions for Intentional Change

by: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD (the following is an expert from Lynette’s upcoming ebook, which will be available later in the year at Many years ago my then eight year old daughter started tightening her throat and contorting her face while making a swallowing sound that resembled a tic. I instinctively knew […]

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Neurofeedback Isn’t Just for Use in an Office! Combine with Play in the Home

by Lynette Louise, AKA The Brain Broad In my opinion: The best scientists are clinicians who were once patients that then studied themselves and their condition well enough to prudently use originality to improve the prognosis. They then saw replication of this success with clients. The best parenting expert is a parent who has done […]

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