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How to Supercharge Your Life and Your Connectivity

supercharge your life

[Editor’s Note:  Although this article is geared toward women, the excellent advice presented here can be applied to all of us!] By Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD Do you have all the power you need to create the satisfying and rewarding life you want? If not, why not? Sometimes an overwhelming external barrier keeps us from […]

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Self-Talk Yourself Out of Holiday Blues!

While the holidays are a time of happiness and celebration for millions, many people find them more mournful than joyful. Loss of a spouse, child or family member, divorce, or dealing with difficult relatives can make the holidays feel like the worst of times. “During the holiday period, the problems we have, or losses we […]

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7 Tips To Reduce Holiday Stress (and Increase Joy!)

Barb Schmidt, author of THE PRACTICE: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace and Uncovering Happiness, believes outer peace begins with inner peace – keep yourself calm so you can handle the pressures of everyone and everything else so you don’t blow it! When it comes to raising a family during this beautiful but […]

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[Infographic] Dementia Cases Are on the Rise

Dementia cases are on the rise, as you can see illustrated by this infographic from Bluebird Care. Embedded with permission from Bluebird Care

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Bob Marley’s Wisdom Will Improve Your Life

by Seb Lautmeyer Bob Marley, in just 36 years of life, was so many things to so many people. He was a hero to his home country of Jamaica, a freedom-loving revolutionary, a man of god and worship, a civil rights hero, an unofficial spokesperson for the joys of marijuana. And let’s not forget, he […]

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Sharpen Your Memory with Games

Some of the most popular forms of entertainment that are available for all ages to use are video games. Video games can be found to be played on different console systems, genres, styles, purposes, and difficulties; all of which have their own capabilities. Although playing video games may not necessarily be seen as a good […]

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