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More on Using Supplements for Attention Issues (including ADD)

by Dr. Arielle Levitan and Dr. Romy Block In our previous article we discussed some supplements that have been show to be beneficial to attention, including attention deficit disorder (ADD).  As you know, not everything that is suggested to be useful actually has the desired result. Zinc Some have suggested Zinc can be useful to […]

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Can Attention Be Enhanced with Supplements?

By Dr. Arielle Levitan and Dr. Romy Block As physicians we often hear people complain that they have trouble holding their attention.  Sometimes this is a temporary issue, while for others it is an on going struggle.  Of course life circumstances and other distractions can play a role. Distractions aside, we often hear about the […]

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Want To Prevent Memory Loss? These Supplements Can Help!

By Drs. Arielle Levitan and Romy Block In our previous article, we discussed several vitamins that can help your brain fitness.  Vitamins B, C, D and E can all provide benefits, but they are not all.  There are other types of supplements that can help as well. Another consideration when trying to prevent memory loss […]

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Can Vitamins Help Boost Your Memory? These Do!

By Drs. Arielle Levitan and Romy Block It seems that everyone either suffers from problems with memory or they are concerned about developing them. Many people even in their 30s and 40s fear they are heading down the road to Alzheimer’s Disease as they see their memory slip. And they should be.  Recent data shows that nearly one […]

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